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Cannabis M&A – A Template for Success

2021 looks to be a banner years for both the public markets and cannabis mergers and acquisitions. For those of you contemplating an exit, KO Acquisitions co-founder Erik Ott has published a three part series to help cannabis entrepreneurs prepare, engage and consummate a successful M&A transaction. Check out the three part series below, Cannabis […]

CA Cannabis Mergers – A Guide to Survive and Thrive

With the capital markets dried up and M&A activity at a standstill many CA companies are considering mergers to achieve profitability and scale. KO Acquisitions has put together mergers for over two decades and one thing is for certain – mergers of private companies is as much art as it is science. Unfortunately, mergers do […]

Five Critical Success Factors to Close Cannabis Mergers & Acquisitions

As Recently Featured on New Cannabis Ventures (Link) The latest news on cannabis M&A transactions in the US might make one wonder if more deals are falling apart than are closing. In Q4 2019, over US$1 billion in M&A deals were terminated by Multi-State Operators (MSOs), including: Cresco terminating the $120m acquisition of VidaCann Green […]

Brand M&A: Interest Rising

While the California M&A landscape is still largely focused on the dispensary land-grab, there have been a number of transactions of late that are starting to put CA cannabis brands in the cross hairs of large acquirers. Recent acquisitions of Select, Lord Jones, Moxie, Beboe and Korova have CA brands peering into the crystal ball […]

Dispensary Gold Rush

California is well on its way to becoming ground zero in the competitive battle for cannabis dispensaries. No less than 40 companies from Canada and other US states are aggressively making acquisitions to establish themselves in the Golden State. Last year at this time there were over 2000 dispensaries, today there are 500 and by […]

Vertical Integration: Blessing or Curse?

When California regulations came out late last year the opportunity presented itself for cannabis companies to acquire multiple licenses, thereby enabling a strategy of vertical integration. As cannabis entrepreneurs went through the licensing process they had to decide how many licenses to apply for and determine how their corporate strategy would evolve with these new […]

Driving Scale in Cannabis the Silicon Valley Way

In today’s CA cannabis market everyone is scaling up as fast as possible. Licenses are being acquired, grows are being built out, manufacturing and distribution are being ramped up. Virtually every cannabis company is raising capital to pursue the opportunity and become the market leader. In fact, there are several races going on. There are […]