California Cannabis Partnership Marketplace

The California Partnership Marketplace is a curated marketplace of opportunities for companies who are looking to compete in the fragmented CA market. This initiative is designed to match the strategic needs of cannabis companies with others who are interested in combining forces as a path to scalable growth. This process will be supported by the Coalition Members who will provide content, insight and support to entrepreneurs hoping to consummate transactions.

How to Participate

There are three ways cannabis companies can participate.

  1. Company – Your company can participate as a conduit to merge or acquire others.
  2. Divestitures – You can divest an underutilized asset and “sell” that to a transaction of others.
  3. Licenses – You can offer licenses and/or real estate assets for some form of compensation.

Process: The process consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Opt-in (May & June): Interested companies opt-in to the process and provide a high level overview of the core assets they are looking to sell, merge or divest. All companies that provide this information will be able to review similar data submitted by others to determine if there is a potential fit. Phase 1 will be 100% confidential – no company names will be associated with the shared data.

Phase 2: Relationship building (Q3 July-Sept). Phase 2 begins with a “speed-dating” phase with the goal of matching participants with others that have similar interests. This phase is where companies begin to communicate with specific targets regarding a possible transaction. This phase includes guidance from coalition members on a wide range of topics that are critical to creating successful. Phase 2 will end with the execution of a term sheet between the parties.

Phase 3: Transaction (Q4 Oct-Dec.) Phase 3 is the transaction. In this phase coalition members, as selected by the companies, will assist with agreed to services including, as applicable, the drafting, signing and closing of the transaction*. This will include a host of topics including reverse due diligence, tax and deal structuring, integration planning and more. Ideally the deals will close prior to the end of 2020 and the “NewCo’s” will be positioned to be market leaders in 2021 and beyond.

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*Disclaimer: Coalition members are separate entities and each coalition member provides different services. Any assistance provided by a coalition member will be pursuant to an agreed upon engagement letter that defines the services to be provided.